The high level of news announced by Oracle at its Openworld conference means that the most important messages can be easily missed, according to the UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) president.

"There are a lot of messages this year - perhaps too many. It's going to take people a lot of time to absorb all of the different information," said Debra Lilley, president of the council of the UKOUG.

"The messages are coming one after another and if you don't know what's coming, you could easily miss something."

So far, among the news from the Oracle Openworld conference in San Francisco, Lilley was most interested in the manageability technology, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, which offers cloud management.

"As the technology gets more and more widespread and affects a bigger part of the stack, manageability is very key. It's very key to the applications, and that's now key to the whole business," she said.

However, Lilley was frustrated with how Oracle was marketing its new analytics appliance, Exalytics.

"The Exalytics box is great, but if it is not a separate box, then give us a separate level in the full stack. Fusion middleware and business intelligence (BI) should be two separate parts of the stack," she said.

Meanwhile, she urged user group members to seek help from their user groups for more clarity on Oracle's announcements.

She said. "You won't absorb this in one go. You should go back to the user group to help you understand what those messages mean."