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Every day thousands of people search for the latest PC downloads, shareware, freeware and trialware. But what have been the 10 most popular software downloads of 2010?

Top 10 software downloads

Number 10: CCEnhancer 2.1

CCleaner is a popular powerful tool for locating and removing leftover files that might be cluttering up your hard drive (see number 6). But CCleaner Enhancer (now CCEnhancer) makes it better still by adding support for more than 270 applications to the program, which means it'll now free up even more valuable hard drive space.


Download CCEnhancer 2.1

Number 9: Paint.NET 3.5.6

Editing digital photographs or working with other types of image file need not mean working with a large, complicated and expensive editing package. Paint.NET was originally intended to be a replacement for the basic Paint tool which is bundled with Windows, but has grown into a program in its own right. The program has a beautifully clean and uncluttered interface, with tabbed files access making it easy to work with multiple images at the same time.

A free powerful image editor which puts some commercial software to shame.

Download Paint.NET 3.5.6

Number 8: Google Chrome 8

The big news with version 8 of the Google Chrome web browser isn't its smattering of new features - the PDF Viewer is now sandboxed by default, and there's support for the forthcoming Chrome Web Apps store - but rather its performance. End users have reported that it's now two or three times quicker than the previous release, which helps close the performance gap opened up by Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.

Google Chrome

Download Google Chrome 8

Number 7: VLC Media Player 1.1.5

This is a cross-platform versatile media player that does one thing well: attempts to play just about every format available. By installing VLC Media Player across your various computers, you can be assured that a video that plays back on your Mac will also play on your PC. It also supports internet-based media streaming, so you can use the player to listen to a streamed audio stream and much more.

VLC Media Player  

Download VLC Media Player 1.1.5

Number 6: CCleaner 3

This tool will remove unwanted information, temporary files, your browsing history, huge log files and even the settings left behind by previously installed software. It also includes a Registry cleaner and optimiser, which will find and remove entries and streamline the database.

CCleaner doesn’t stop there. It includes some security tools such as a data eraser so you can make sure files and information is completely removed from your PC.


Download CCleaner 3

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