PC Advisor presents the best mobile browsing apps for Google Android, BlackBerry and Apple iPhone.

Tabbed browsing, thanks to a Mozilla Firefox update, makes using the mobile web on your handset far less clunky. Download versions for Android, Nokia’s Maemo and Symbian ^3OS, and expect BlackBerry’s version to launch soon. • Free

Recreating a desktop browser on the iPhone’s screen, Atomic Web Browser has tabs, ad-blocking, multitouch gestures, a useful passcode lock, Facebook/Twitter integration and more. • Free (Basic); $1 (Premium)

Bookmarklet made its mark with desktop web browsers. It’s now also available as a plug-in for Chrome Lite (the Android web browser) and lets you share web pages with AIM, Bit.ly, Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Twitter and other services. • Free

The Dolphin Browser HD web browser for Android has tabs, gesture-based navigation and plug-ins. It’s a far more functional browser than the one that came preloaded on your phone. • Free

Thanks to the SkyFire browser, you can stream Flash video. iPhone fans take note. • Free

Opera Mini brings a certain pedigree to mobile browsing, having established itself years ago as the web app of choice on Nokia handsets. It’s now available as an alternative to Safari on the iPhone and Chrome Lite on Google Android handsets. A canny compression algorithm ensures pages load far faster than they do in other mobile browsers. • Free

If you’re concerned about safeguarding your privacy and covering your tracks while using the mobile web, give PrivateWeb a spin. Available only for the iPhone at present, it clears cookies and images for you. • $1

Internet Explorer 8.0 is a solid comeback at browser crown contenders Chrome and Firefox, but Microsoft’s real success is Bing, an intelligent search engine that, like Yahoo before it, serves up richer, more contextual results. • Free


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