Symantec has made a beta version of Norton Identity Safe, a web-based service that lets consumers securely store and synchronise logins, passwords, credit cards, and other web form information across browsers and devices, publicly available.

Not only does the software, which is free to download, ensure web users need to remember just one master password to ensure they can access their favourite accounts at any time rather than separate individual passwords, it also enables users to store a password on one device and but still easily log in from another device, such as an Apple iPhone, Apple iPad or device running Google Android. However, it's worth noting the Norton Identity Safe: Mobile Edition beta, which is also free to download, must be installed on mobile devices to be able to do this.

Furthermore, it lets you share online content safely by sending URLs through email and social networking plugins, directly from Norton Identity Safe beta as well as benefiting from Safe Search, Symantec’s security software that alerts web users to whether a site displayed in search results is safe or not before visiting it and

Symantec said the software is ideal because research by the security firm revealed 38 percent of web users still admit to writing down their passwords for web-based accounts, while 45 percent said they reuse the same password across multiple accounts, leaving them open to risk as hackers may crack the password on one site and gain access to all of their accounts.

Norton Identity Safe first appeared in the full versions of Symantec’s Norton AntiVirus 2012 and Norton Internet Security 2012, which were released in September last year.

Norton Identity Safe can be downloaded free from Symantec’s dedicated website.