Symantec has launched the fulll versions of its Norton Internet Security 2011 and Norton AntiVirus 2011 security range.

The security programs, which were first launched in beta in April this year, feature System Insight 2.0 with Proactive Performance Alerts that monitor all applications running on a PC and alerts users if any program is overusing system resources.

Both security programs also come with Download Insight 2.0, which uses the security vendor's reputation technology to analyse every download from the web, whether it's from a website, or contained within an email or instant message, and alerts PC users if the file is harmful.

They also include Norton's Bootable Recovery Tool that helps users creates a bootable CD/DVD/USB and allows them to boot a PC into a safe state when a system is deeply infected with a rootkit or malware.

Compatible with Windows XP SP2 or later, Windows Vista and Windows 7, the software also benefits from the integration of a number of free Norton tools including Norton Power Eraser, which detects and removes any scareware or fake programs impersonating legitimate software. Norton Safe Web for Facebook, which scans Facebook news feeds for malicious URLs, and flags them up before a user clicks through to the linked site, is also included.

"Today's cybercriminals are not standing down – consumers need the very best protection to stay safe online," said Janice Chaffin, president, consumer business unit, Symantec.

"The Norton 2011 products are the highest quality we have ever built and the most comprehensive protection on the market with additional, value-added tools for protecting customers from today's ever-evolving threats."

Norton Internet Security 2011, which costs £49.99 for a one-year three PC licence, and the £39.99 three-PC one-year Norton AntiVirus 2011 licence will be available from Symantec's online store and high-street retailers at the end of this month.

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