The Linux-based operating system from OLPC's XO netbook has been made available to PC users on a 1GB USB memory stick.

Sugar on a Stick features more than 40 applications such as a word processing program and graphics package. According to creators Sugar Labs, which was founded by former OLPC employee Walter Bender, the USB stick "gives children access to their Sugar on any computer in their environment" ensuring they can access the programs and files even when not using an OLPC XO machine.

OLPC XO's were originally designed to ensure that children in developing countries could gain computing and internet skills. However, the cheap netbooks were also made available to consumers in the West.

Bender was thought to have resigned from OLPC after the company revealed it planned to install Microsoft Windows XPO onto the X.

However, Bender told the BBC, the Microsoft deal was "a symptom not a cause" of him leaving the company.

"I left OLPC because I think the most important thing it is doing is defining a learning ecosystem," he said.

Sugar Labs said the software could be run on PCs and Macs.