Skobbler, a satnav app that gives iPhone users free access to turn-by turn visual and audio navigation, has been made available for handsets running Google's Android OS.

The app, which is free to download from Android Market, utilises OpenStreetMap (OSM), a Wikipedia of free maps that's updated by around 250,000 users.

The company also encourages users to make corrections and update the maps, to make "outdated and poorly detailed maps a thing of the past". The only snag is that the free version of Skobbler is supported by adverts.

Skobbler isn't just available for the iPhone now

"Developing skobbler for the Android platform was the next logical step for the company," says Marcus Thielking, co-founder of skobbler.

"Developing our unique OSM-based apps for the most popular mobile platforms has always been part of our ongoing strategy. We are looking forward to the feedback of our Android customers and hope that they will embrace the idea of a nationwide (if not worldwide) collaborative mapping project just as much as iPhone users have done already.

Skobbler has been downloaded more than 82,000 times by iPhone users in the UK since its launch last month.

However, how Skobbler has competition on the form of Google's own satnav app called Google Navigation, which gives smartphone owners access to vidual and audio navigation, without adverts.

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