Skobbler has made its offline map, ForeverMap, available to Google Android users.

ForeverMap, which is based on OpenStreetMap data and installs comprehensive maps of Europe on to your device, so it can be accessed instantly even when there is no internet connection, was initially launched for the iPhone and iPad in October last year.

According to Skobbler it "literally puts the whole of Europe into your pocket". Users can choose between downloading the map data for individual countries (including all cities) or collectiviely, depending upon how much space on their device they want to use.

Furthermore, ForeverMap also includes extensive Wikipedia references such as history, sights and landmark info, converting the app into an intuitive electronic tour guide.

"With Android currently being the fastest-growing operating system, we are delighted to provide true offline orientation for all key mobile platforms. ForeverMap literally takes the data connection necessity out of orientation, enabling users to truly experience digital maps on the move without the usual ifs and buts," said Marcus Thielking, co-founder of Skobbler.

There are two versions of ForeverMap available in the Android Market. The free version uses P2P download technology, while the paid-for app, which costs £1.37, offers quick map downloads from high-speed servers.

ForeverMap is available to download from the Android Market now.

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