Samsung has launched its updated Music Hub with the Galaxy S III to rival iTunes and Spotify.

The firm is calling the new Music Hub 'the first completely integrated, all-in-one mobile music service', combining a music locker, store and radio together. It is exclusively available on the flagship Galaxy S3, which goes on sale today, in free or premium versions with other devices to get it soon afterwards.

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"When you ask yourself, 'what do I want to listen to?' there is now one simple answer, for every mood, every place and everyone," said TJ Kang, senior vice president of Samsung's Media Solution Center. "With the new Music Hub, we're bringing the joy back to music -- listening, collecting and sharing."

The free service offers a catalogue of 19 million songs, powered by 7digital, to preview and purchase. Bought content is then available on multiple device via the cloud but can be stored locally for offline listening.

A premium version costs £9.99 per month allows for unlimited streaming of the music catalogue and you can upload your own music to the cloud to be accessed on-the-go. The third element is a customisable radio player.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Music Hub Player

On top of mobile devices the Music Hub will be accessible via a web-based player on PCs and laptops. According to The Telegraph, there is also an app for iPhone in the works.

The Music Hub's new capabilities have been made possible by the recent acquisition of cloud entertainment firm mSpot.

Daren Tsui, CEO of mSpot said: "We believe that today's mobile market must have an open mobile music system -- one that offers all kinds of services across different devices. Music Hub removes all the barriers to your music,"