Samsung has released its S Health app for the Galaxy S3 smartphone.

The S Health app aims to help users maintain a healthier lifestyle by collecting and providing information on health. The app was demonstrated at the Galaxy S3's launch in May but wasn't pre-loaded when the Android smartphone went on sale. See also: Group test: What's the best smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone

Simon Stanford, vice president of telecommunications and networks at Samsung said: "S Health can provide real benefits in terms of tracking and monitoring health and wellness for our customers. We’re delighted to bring this innovative application to the Galaxy S III’s portfolio of diverse content and applications to suit different needs."

S Health is compatible with various sensors including blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors and body composition scales to collect data about the user. The app collects the data via Bluetooth or USB and collates it into helpful graphs or tables for regular monitoring.

Samsung said: "To help users share their achievements, S Health integrates social networks into the app and enables health updates and messages to be posted online via Twitter."

S Health is available for download in the UK via Samsung’s 'More Services' app which is pre-loaded on the Galaxy S3.

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