Despite offering great versatility, PDFs can be the bane of many office workers’ lives, even though most SMBs use them.

A survey of UK, German and French SMEs, carried out on behalf of Nuance, discovered that more than eight out of ten use PDF files when working with text-based documents. The top three uses are: to create secure documents, for standardised formatting, and for archiving.

The problem is that SMBs waste time using inefficient tools. People often find PDFs awkward to use because they can be unpredictable in terms of their formatting and editabilty. They also face difficulties working with text and forms, and converting PDFs to other document formats.

Wouldn’t it be great to know with certainty that you will be able to select a block of text and copy it into another document?

Or, how about being able to type straight into a text box, rather than having to print off the document, fill it out in pen, and then scan it?

The good news is that Nuance has developed a smart replacement for Adobe® Acrobat®, called Power PDF, which allows you to do all of the things mentioned above at a very reasonable price. It also gives you Microsoft Office ribbon-style controls for your PDFs, which requires little training to use.

In essence, Power PDF breathes new life into your PDFs by enabling you to create, view, edit, convert, and collaborate with 100% industry-standard PDF files. It also provides the most accurate conversion of PDF files to Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint and Corel® WordPerfect® documents.

Power PDF’s functionality goes further still. The application provides unique features such as word processor-like editing for PDF files; workflow controls for processing hundreds of files at a time; cloud connectivity and PDF security. You can even use Dragon Notes speech recognition to dramatically increase business productivity.

So, whether you are using PDFs for archiving information, communication, or creating secure documents, this essential business tool can dramatically increase your business productivity. Power PDF also carries a surprisingly affordable price, with a one-off payment that gives you a perpetual licence.

By making a single smart move of adopting Nuance Power PDF, you will gain control of your PDF files, and win back valuable time across the business.