A PC Advisor poll has found that just under one in six (15.4 percent) of Windows XP users planned to upgrade to Windows 7 immediately after Microsoft pulled support for XP's second service pack.

On 13 July Microsoft ended active support for Windows XP SP2, leaving users with the option of soldiering on without potentially vital patches and updates, upgrading to SP3, or switching to another operating system.

Asked for their immediate plans, 5.7 percent of XP users said they would stick with SP2 (or an earlier service pack).

Forum member Noldi commented: "Stick with XP SP2. My computer does what I require. Unless I have to install new software that is not compatible [with XP SP2], I have no plans to upgrade that particular computer."

Meanwhile, 5.1 percent plan to upgrade from SP2 to SP3.

The largest proportion, however - 60.2 percent - had seen the deadline approaching (or simply accept each new service pack as it's offered), and are already running - and plan to continue running - Windows XP SP3.

"I just let it upgrade itself, I assume that I must be on SP3...?" said Quickbeam.

Of those who chose to leave XP behind completely, considerably more thought Windows 7 an attractive option, with 15.4 percent planning that upgrade. Just 1.3 percent selected the answer 'Upgrade to Vista'.

The rest of the votes were rounded out by 7.5 percent indicating that they didn't know about Microsoft ending active support for XP SP2, and 4.8 percent reporting that they have other plans.

Based on 455 votes, as of Monday 19 July 2010. Have your say here, or join the discussion on PC Advisor's forums.