The internet is rife with malware that's just waiting for the opportunity to sneak past your PC's security defences. PC Tools' Spyware Doctor 6.0 can protect your system from a wide range of threats, including WinAntiSpyware, Antivirus 2009, Antispyware Pro XP, AntiVirus Lab 2009 and other rogue antivirus programs.

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PC Tools Internet Security 2009 is currently available free of charge on our January issue's cover DVD.

1. PC Tools Spyware Doctor 6.0 is a good tool for removing AntiSpyware 2009. Once installed, Spyware Doctor will protect your PC from a wide range of malware, including keyloggers, Trojans and adware.

Step 1: PC Tools Spyware Doctor 6.0

2. Spyware Doctor uses an IntelliGuard system to manage safe operations on your PC. Click IntelliGuard to access a number of options that protect various applications on your PC, such as protecting your files and preventing your browser from being hijacked and any changes to network settings being made.

Step 2: PC Tools Spyware Doctor 6.0

3. Spyware Doctor offers a wide range of settings, including some advanced ones. Look under Advanced, Scan Settings to determine what the program should look for and whether it should create a restoration point before removing suspect files, as well as whether it should detect rootkit files.

Step 3: PC Tools Spyware Doctor 6.0

4. Other items of interest included Scheduled Tasks, from which you can schedule system scans, and Quarantine. When Spyware Doctor encounters suspicious files it moves them into a safe area. Clicking Quarantine brings up a dialog box from which you can either delete or restore particular items.

Step 4: PC Tools Spyware Doctor 6.0