The International Oracle Users Group Community (IOUC) has unveiled the tool for helping users understand Fusion Applications, at Oracle's Openworld conference in San Francisco.

Fusion apps have been on a quiet 'controlled release' since June.The IOUC, which comprises user group leaders worldwide, includes Debra Lilley, president of the council of the UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG), who officially launched the tool.

"Oracle has got a website [about Fusion apps]. It's got a lot of content in it, but it is product related. We found talking to our members that there are people who want to see that product information, but the majority of people want to understand how it affects their role," Lilley said.

The 'Your Path to Understanding Fusion Applications' tool is an online map drawn by Sten Versterli from the Danish Oracle User Group, which resembles a London Tube map.

Each line represents a different role, and the stops on the line are the things they need to know about Fusion apps. Behind the 'stops', users will be able to access content such as videos, presentations to user groups and training information that is relevant to their role.

However, the tool will not be fully live for another two months.

"A problem we've had is that most of the content we've asked Oracle for isn't going to be released until Openworld. We'll be putting the content in, in the six to eight weeks after Openworld," Lilley explained.

Nonetheless she encouraged interested users to register to receive notification of the online map when it goes fully live on

Lilley reiterated: "It's the user groups' website, not Oracle's. It's written in APEX, but it's just Sten and I."