Lack of visibility and coordination in aligning demand & supply, lack of business and financial impact analysis and having hundred of excel templates with little consistency across planners, are characteristics of most of organizations in today's business niche. Oracle enterprise planning management (EPM) solution aligns organizations' product allocation decisions with their business priorities.

Thomas Popp Madsen, Oracle BDM EPM, Middle East and Africa, advised senior IT and finance officials from different organizations in Kenya on how EPM will enable them direct their cost efforts to business models that will reap profits.

Speaking at the performance management round table held at Sankara hotel in Nairobi, Thomas urged the forum that what companies need today is cost compliance. "This will help them bridge to other mature markets", he says.

Oracle has put this in line with its solutions and companies no longer need to deal with manual integration of data. Oracle's EPM System is a complete, open and integrated that supports a broad range of analytic requirements. It includes three layers of capabilities -- Information Delivery, EPM and BI Applications and a common Business Intelligence Foundation.

The EPM solution will see organisations achieving up to 97% accuracy when projecting their net income. Organisations will now be able to properly simulate their capital structure and cash flow. They will mine responsive decisions based on operational and financial impact analysis.

Oracle's vision is to build on operational excellence and create the next wave of competitive differentiation -- what they refer to as 'Management Excellence'. This will allow the creation of an organization that is:1. Smart -- gain better insight than their competitors2. Agile -- adapt faster than the competitors to market changes3. Aligned -- more effectively allocate resources across the organization

To achieve management excellence is about an organization improving its management processes.