Browser developer Opera has made its first webmail service publicly available.

My Opera Mail, which is in Beta, benefits from 'conversation view' which displays all messages in a thread as a single page makes along with a spam filter. However, as of yet the service doesn't support messages sent in HTML or allow users to adjust settings or manage folders.

"Our goal is to make a fast and friendly mail service that is efficient and easy to use on any device, whether you prefer to access your e-mail from Opera Mini on a mobile phone (dedicated mobile interface), a tablet with touch interface (large, comfortable buttons) or a desktop computer (extensive keyboard shortcuts)," Opera's Johan Borg said in a blog.

Anyone that already uses My Opera, Opera Link or Opera Unite, can simply sign-in to My Opera Mail to view and send emails using an email address. Alternatively new users can go through a simple sign-up process to get access to the service.

Opera also revealed the webmail service is based on FastMail.FM, which was acquired by Opera last year.

"Those who have already used FastMail.FM will recognize a few bits and pieces, but major parts of My Opera Mail Beta have been rewritten as an AJAX application to take advantage of modern browsers and speed up the entire experience," Borg added.