Opera has unveiled a beta version of its latest desktop web browser, Opera Swordfish.

Swordfish, which is also known as Opera 11.50, now features Speed Dial Extensions that ensure the favourites or speed dials as they're also called contain updated content relevant to the user. For example, instead of a static link to a weather website, a Speed Dial extension will offer users the forecast for their specific location.

Furthermore, the browser also benefits from support for Opera Link so users cansyncronise their passwords, along with bookmarks, speeds dials, search engines and notes, to ensure they can access them from any device with an Opera browser.

"We don't make releases for the sake of releases, nor do we make innovations for the sake of innovation," said Jan Standal, VP of desktop products, Opera.

"We create browsers that make the web faster and easier to use, and the newest features in Swordfish support that goal."

Web users can download the beta version of Opera Swordfish using the developer's Next service. Once users have download the Next verison of the browser, it'll be automatically updated as soon as a new test version is available. To download Opera Next, visit the developer's dedicated web page.