Opera Software has released the final version of its latest web browser, Opera 10.60.

The browser, which the developer claims is 50 percent faster at loading JavaScript than previous versions, was first released in beta last month.

As well as faster loading times, users of Opera 10.60 will also benefit from a geo-location function that tracks your position in a bid to offer the most accurate search results for your location, and support for HTML5, Appache and the open video format WebM to make viewing videos online even easier.

As well as retaining popular features such as Opera Turbo, which compresses the bandwidth of text and data files on websites by 80 percent, to load pages faster, the new browser gives users suggestions from search partners such as Wikipedia when keywords or phrases are typed into Opera 10.60's search box.

A number of functions, including Speed Dials, tab previews and the Opera Menu have also been given new graphics.

The final version of Opera 10.60 can be downloaded from Opera's dedicated web page now.

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