Opera has made an alpha version of Opera 10, its latest web browser, available online.

Opera 10 uses the rendering engine Opera Presto 2.2, which Opera claims offers a 30 percent faster browsing experience, and runs on the same server used to power Opera Mini, the mobile internet browser.

opera_logo_120 Users of the new web browser will benefit from a spellchecker, which works as surfers type, as well as auto-updating when the latest versions become available and support for HTML formatting for emails in Opera Mail.

The browser also offers support for Web Font, a technology that allows a developer to specify any font that's available on the internet rather than depend on ones available locally.

"My favourite development in this release is the support for new web technologies, which allows people to explore new ways of using the internet," says Johan Borg, Vice President of Consumer Engineering, Opera Software.

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Opera also announced that Opera 10 achieved an Acid3 100/100 Test score. This Web Standards Project test identifies how well a browser follows standards such as Javascript, Document Object Model and Cascading Style Sheets.

Opera expects to release a beta of Opera 10 in early 2009 and a full version of the browser before midyear, he said. The browser can be downloaded from Opera's website.


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