TomTom, the satellite navigation (Sat Nav) device maker, has announced the integration of its mapping technology into Oracle's business applications.

Called TomTom Geospatial for Oracle, the solution will enable users of Oracle Database 11g to integrate TomTom map and routing data into business applications and IT infrastructure that run on Oracle Database 11g.

"We integrate with MapViewer to make the picture. In the same way you can see Google Maps at home, we are enabling the same for enterprise users," George de Boer, senior manager of business development at TomTom said at the Oracle Openworld conference.

One of the key benefits of the TomTom solution is its ability to 'geocode' addresses - turning street addresses into geographical coordinates. This supports the routing functionality of the technology, which is determined by the capabilities available within Oracle's Fusion middleware MapViewer.

TomTom increasingly relies on its community input to ensure that its mapping products stay up-to-date. To do this, it analyses the anonymous GPS data - more than four billion measurements a day - it receives from users of its satnav products, including its iPhone app.

"All the information flows back to TomTom as soon as the user approves it. We can use this data to adjust the map to make it more accurate, or to show there's a new road to make sure in the next release there's a road," said de Boer.

TomTom Geospatial for Oracle is now available in 25 countries in Europe and North America.