Following twelve months of development, Kiwi.js, a open-source mobile-first HTML5 game engine from GameLab in Wellington has now been made available.

"Our vision is for Kiwi.js to be the WordPress of HTML5 game engines, so it comes with plugins, game templates and solid documentation to support the community," says Kiwi.js founder Dan Milward, who is known as the creator of popular WordPress e-commerce plug-in, WP e-Commerce.

According to Milward, Kiwi.js 1.0 features a host of game development features such as WebGL rendering, In-app purchasing, entity and component system, sprite sheets, state management, great documentation, path to mobile appstore, plug-ins and game blueprints.

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Kiwi.js includes its own renderer optimised for fast graphics on both WebGL and Canvas on smartphones and desktops, CocoonJS for fast app performance and open-source community support.

GameLab plans to fund ongoing development of Kiwi.js by selling plug-in packs such as IAP, multi-player and improved particle effects, as well as professional support and development services.

"We want to provide the best of open source community practices along with professional support when needed, so commercial developers are being looked after as well as indies. A high level of customer service is required so HTML5 game development can be taken seriously," says Milward.

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