The number of women acessing the web from trheir mobile phones has risen by 575 percent in the past two years, says Opera.

Research by the mobile web browser developer as part of its 'State of the Mobile Web' report for July revealed that in the UK, nearly a third (31.5 percent) of Opera Mini users are female, compared to 1.6 percent in 2008.

Britain is fourth in the list of countries with the most remale Opera Mini users, behind South Africa, which topped the list with 43.5 percent of Opera Mini users being women, the US and Russia.

India has the fewest females accessing the mobile web, as just four percent of Opera Mini users are women. India was closely followed by Nigeria, China and Vietnam.

Opera also said nearly two thirds (64.6 percent) of mobile web users in the UK have friends online they've never met in real life, while the number of Opera Mini users worldwide has increased by 4.8 percent since June to 62.3 million.

The number of pgaes viewed using the mobile web browser also increased in July by 8.5 percent to 29.6 billion. Thats 146.3 percent up on July 2009..

"We believe access to the web is a universal right and the mobile web is all about breaking down barriers to access," said Jon von Tetzchner, co-founder, Opera Software.

"Seeing more women on the mobile web is important to ensuring the mobile web remains the rich tapestry of ideas it is. Further diversity can only improve things for everyone."

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