This week documents thought to show Microsoft's plans for the next Windows operating system were leaked online.

If the documents are correct, Microsoft has some big plans for Windows 8. Nearly 18 documents - supposedly confidential internal Microsoft plans - surfaced, including one called 'Modern Form Factors' that shows that Microsoft may be looking at three broad PC categories for the future: Lap PC, Workhorse PC, and Family Hub PC.

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Here's a quick look at each category from the document, and some of the interesting things Microsoft may be thinking about. But keep in mind while you're reading that these are just broad goals (if they are even the real thing), and the document is more about Microsoft's general vision than an actual product roadmap. Nevertheless, take a look and see what you think.

Workhorse PC

The workhorse PC is essentially the PC you have today, but Microsoft wants to add a facial recognition and proximity sensor feature called 'My PC Knows Me', according to the leaked documents.

The basic idea is that you walk into the room where your PC is, and the proximity sensor detects your movements and wakes the PC. As you sit down at the desk, your PC is already on so it can scan your face to log you in. The computer can also switch between different user accounts with the facial recognition feature.

Once you've finished using the computer and leave the room, the proximity sensor detects that no one is around, logs you off, and puts the computer to sleep.


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