The government has, for the first time, released an online tool that allows users to explore over 1,000 transactional services provided by central and local government, which totals over 1.5 billion transactions successfully completed each year.

The Government Digital Service (GDS) said that it hopes the tool will help departments and agencies measure and improve their performance, while also driving the digital by default agenda.

Transactional services include all interactions a citizen or organisation has with the government, such as booking a driving test, filing tax returns, or setting up a company.

At a top level the tool divides up the transactions by department, with HMRC having the largest volume at 639,669,836, which is closely followed by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) with 572,055,500.

A blog by Richard Sargeant, director of performance and delivery at GDS, said that of the 650 central government services available, the top 10 percent of services account for 97 percent of the total volume of transactions.

"The ultimate aim of all this, of course, is to identify opportunities to make more services digital by default. People are voting with their feet - making it clear that they want services to be digital," said Sargeant.

"Government services should be no different. Putting services online, and doing it well, will waste less time, freeing people and businesses to do the important things."

He added: "It will also stimulate a competitive digital environment, particularly for the thousands of SMEs who can provide world-leading digital services. And finally, it will save a very significant amount of money for taxpayers, and for users."

The current release is an alpha version and GDS is still developing the data and its presentation. For example, machine-readable CSV files are available, but there is currently still no API.

To view the data click here, and to provide feedback email [email protected]