As Apple moves its .Mac customers over to the cross-platform MobileMe web suite services, further compatibility problems are surfacing. And some customers are demanding refunds for the days when the subscription service was either unavailable or beset with problems.

Apple has ditched its simple web-page creator HomePage for Web Gallery, but pages created there require later versions of popular browsers.

For Windows users, Apple requests that viewers change their browser to its own Safari 3, or update to Internet Explorer 7 or later or Firefox 1.5 or later.

PC Advisor readers have complained that this restriction effectively rules out many people in corporate offices that are standardized on IE6.

There have also been complaints that MobileMe Mail does not work in IE6 or earlier, again limiting its usefulness in corporate situations.

Others are pleased that Apple hasn’t dumbed down its services just to stay compatible with Microsoft’s dominant browser.

Commenting on the Macworld forum, Steve_S says: “I'm sure many will blame Apple for this, but the reality is that IE (various versions) has been significantly lacking in terms of keeping up to date with standards compliance. Of course, with Microsoft's market dominance why should they care? Further, most web sites either dumb down their features or code around IE flaws. With that in mind, I consider it a good thing for services like MobileMe to expose such weaknesses. It's not like Windows users don't have other options. They can use Firefox or Safari, which are both significantly better web browsers in terms of speed, features and standards compliance.”

Readers of Macworld are also demanding rebates for the days when .Mac and MobileMe services were not working or buggy.

Forum goer Martin Faint is frustrated: “After two days of this Apple should really offer an extension to the service of existing dotmac customers as a good will gesture. We have paid for this time.”

At the same discussion, user danutinske has clearly lost his patience with the hiccups: “Basically I want a refund for the nearly one week without access to my .mac account or email. All I get is the introduction to MobileMe without an ability to log on to check email. I really don't give much of a rat’s ass for the "push" because right now I feel like it's being shoved up my ass. I want the service I paid for back, and back now without delay.

“Nothing like fixing something that wasn't broke and doing it on such a mass scale that everything is pretty much in the toilet! Seems Mac with have to quit making fun of the PC in their commercials because they have made a major PC mistake.”

Mobile Me will cost £59 per year. An individual membership comes with 20GB of combined email and file storage, 200GB of monthly data transfer.

The £89 Family Pack includes one individual account plus four Family Member accounts, each with its own email address, 5GB of combined email and file storage, and 50GB of monthly data transfer.

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