Microsoft's latest preview of Windows 10 may add a blast from the past: Aero Glass, the beloved transparency feature that originated in Windows 7. In addition, Cortana has been more tightly integrated, and the Continuum exprience has been improved, Microsoft said.

The new build will be available to those who have subscribed to both the "fast" and "slow" ring, meaning that ther will be ISO fles to download for those who want to start fresh.

Like build 10061, the new build of Windows 10--Microsoft has stopped calling them "technical previews," and now refers to them as 'Insider previews"-- polishes the user interface. In an interesting note, there's a 50 percent chance, not a guarantee, that the Start menu of the new build will include the Aero Glass transparency, giving it the appearance of "frosted glass," Gabe Aul, who has overseen the rollout of the Windows 10 builds, said in a blog post. (See an example of Aero Glass in the top image.) Live Tiles will also use a 3D animation when flipping.

Why this matters:  As Microsoft moves forward to Windows 10, more users are beginning to wonder what it's going to look like,  as well as what it will actually do. Remember, one of the reasons consumers soured on Windows 8 was because of the Start menu. This is a subtly important build for Microsoft.

Cortana gets an upgrade

Cortana has also received a makeover. According to Microsoft, the visual appearance of the digital assistant has been more closely integrated into the Start menu, replacing the Search function. Cortana also now displays in a "split rail" view, breaking out the Notebook or Reminders into a separate window.

And Cortana's gotten smarter, too. Check out the new questions that you can ask her--which she'll attempt to autocomplete as you type.

  • Weather -- "Seattle Weather"
  • Finance -- "MSFT stock"
  • Dictionary -- "define astounding"
  • Calculator -- "48*92"
  • Flight Status -- "UA 238"
  • Reference -- "how tall is brad pitt"
  • Showtimes -- "movies near me"
  • Tech Help -- "memory in my computer"
  • Time Zone -- "time in London"
  • Unit Conversion -- "42 ft in meters"
  • Chit Chat -- "tell me a joke"

Microsoft's app recommendations are now live, Aul added. In Microsoft's Build keynote Wednesday morning, company executives showed off how Cortana and the Windows 10 lock screen will suggest apps for you to try out--for example, if you've never picked up the stylus on the Surface Pro 3, Windows will suggest you try out Fresh Paint.

Other improvements include:

Music and Video app updates: you can now rent and download movies, and the new Music app received some visual improvements.

Xbox app update: The new version adds  Game DVR for PC games, screenshots, a Live Tile, user profiles, and real-name sharing, if you haven't already received the update already. 

Windows Store improvements: Although the single unified Windows Store isn't yet available, the app has been improved to show Xbox Live games as working, and in-app purchases, too. Apps you purchased on a PC running Windows 8.1 will now show up in the Store Beta on Windows 10 as owned (and vice-versa), Microsoft said.

As always, there are some things that Windows 10 breaks--the People app remains broken, and you won't be able to run games in full-screen mode. But time marches on, and Windows 10 continues to get better.