With Windows 10 has come a new web browser to replace Internet Explorer, but how does it compare to Google's popular alternative? Here's our Edge vs Chrome review including benchmark results. See also: Best web browsers 2015.

You've probably upgraded to Windows 10 now (and if you haven't, find out how to here) and Internet Explorer is now Edge, formally Project Spartan. The new browser comes with various features such as support for Cortana (Microsoft's version of Siri and Google Now), webpage annotation and reading lists. Read about the Edge features and how to use them.

But should you use it instead of Google's much loved browser, Chrome? We've put the two up against each other in Windows 10 to find out.

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To test the browsers we used a Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10 64-bit and ran a range of benchmarks (making sure that only one browser was loaded at once and opened cleanly for each new test). Using a range of benchmarks means we can test areas including JavaScript, HTML 5 and more.

We've used SunSpider, Peacekeeper from Futuremark, Octane which is developed by Google and Browsermark from Basemark. You can use the links to runs the tests on your own machine if you like – they're all free. Use the interactive chart below to see all the results. A bigger bar is better for everything apart from SunSpider in which a lower time is better.

As you can see Chrome wins on three out of four tests but some of the scores are pretty close. While Edge fairs better in SunSpider, it's Peacekeeper score is only just over half that of Chrome and misses out on 2 of the HTML 5 capability tests.

Try not to read too far into the numbers as although these tests paint a picture of Chrome being a lot better, we've found both browsers to offer decent smooth performance in Windows 10. Hence, we recommend running them yourself to see how your machine copes.

We also tested Edge and Chrome in terms of resources by loading the same five tabs on each then using Task Manager to check the usage. In this test Chrome comes out on top so might work out the better option for lower spec PCs, laptops and tablets.