Microsoft has completed the purchase of 3D modelling software developer Caligari. The move is being seen as an attempt to enrich the graphics experience in Microsoft's Virtual Earth mapping system.

Caligari will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft.

Caligari started making 3D modelling and animation software for the Amiga computer in the mid-1980s. Its signature tool, called trueSpace, has a user interface that makes it easy to build complex 3D animations, according to an entry on the Virtual Earth blog on Wednesday announcing the acquisition.

Caligari has offices in Mountain View, California, and Slovakia. Its development team will work with the Virtual Earth group, and Caligari's "tightly knit community of beta testers" will stay the same, said Roman Ormandy, founder and CEO of Caligari, in a blog posting.

"Now we will have more resources to rely on, larger market to consider and I hope more fun doing that," he wrote.

Microsoft was not available for additional comment.

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