Hard on the heels of software vendors such as Micro Anvika selling copies of Windows 7 for £49 (see How to preorder Windows 7 for £49), PC manufacturer Mesh Computers is offering customers the chance to buy a Windows Vista PC now, get a free upgrade to Windows 7 when it's released, and then receive a £5 bonus - in the form of a discount. In effect, Mesh is paying PC customers to use Windows 7.

Customers who buy a Mesh PC before the Windows 7 launch date of 22 October 2009 will automatically receive the free upgrade to Microsoft's next-generation operating system, and the £5 bonus discount.

Mesh claims it is making the move because Windows 7 will generate fewer support calls, thus saving the vendor money in the long term.

Commenting on the move, Mesh's Tony Riccardi said: "In these tough economic times, the total cost of supplying a PC has become a key issue for system manufacturers and any improvement that leads to fewer support calls is something that we welcome. Mesh believes that Windows 7 is a huge improvement."

It will also not have escaped the manufacturer's notice that the summer months are traditionally the slowest in the PC-buying calendar. Add in the October launch date for Windows 7, and PC makers are all looking for ways to generate sales and interest over the summer.

Speaking about Windows 7, Riccardi said: "Our R&D teams have been working closely with Microsoft on the development of Windows 7. The result of that collaboration has been an increase to performance and stability, which we've quantified and passed directly onto our customers."