You've probably updated to iOS 10 already, and chances are that you like a lot of what Apple has improved. But there are a few things that irk, and other features which didn't make it from our iOS 10 wish list. So here's what we'd like to see in iOS 11.

If you haven't updated yet, read our iOS 10 review.

iOS 11 wish list: Interface changes

Customisable Control Centre

iOS 10 is generally easy and intuitive, but the changes to Control Centre can be a bit painful. For some people, the changes make sense. Controls are now split over multiple 'tabs' with each being less cluttered. The downside is that you no longer see the playback controls when you swipe up from the bottom on that first tab. You have to swipe across to the second tab, which is an annoying extra step to pause or skip tracks when you're listening to music.

We'd also like to the ability to customise what you see in Control Centre, or revert back to the iOS 9 style. In particular it would be good to rearrange tabs to your preferred order, but also to choose which settings shortcuts are on the current first tab.

Unlike Android, you can't see which Wi-Fi network your phone (or iPad) is connected to and that's frustrating on occasion. We're sure it's only because the network name would look messy, but even if you could use the 3D Touch screen to 'peek' at the information when pressing hard on the Wi-Fi icon, it would be an improvement.

Swipe to unlock

This was removed in iOS 10 and you have to press the home button to unlock now. But for phones without Touch ID, there is no benefit to this. In fact, it means more wear on the home button as there's now no other way to bring up the passcode screen. So for older devices, let's have 'Swipe to unlock' back.

Daily Do Not Disturb settings

Do Not Disturb lets you get some peace and quiet from notifications between set hours, but it doesn't let you change these hours on a daily (or even weekdays / weekends). This simple change would make DND even better.

Camera settings

A major bugbear is that Apple removed the ability to change video and slo-mo resolution in the default camera app in iOS 9. Those settings are still buried in iOS 10, and we really want Apple to make it possible to toggle between 4K30 and 1080p60 in the app, as well as between 720p240 and 1080p120 in the slo-mo mode.

Custom calendar alerts

When you create an appointment, you can specify when to get a reminder. But you can't set a precise time. If you need a reminder to take into account travel time, this is thankfully possible, but if you want a a reminder four hours before an event, you can't: the options jump from 2 hours to 1 day. A custom setting in iOS 11 would be nice.

iOS 11 wish list: Siri

Type, not speak

One of the advantages that Microsoft's Cortana holds over Siri is that you can choose to type if you don't want to speak. We want this in iOS too. Sometimes, it's just not convenient, appropriate or even possible to use your voice to ask Siri something (maybe due to background noise), so the option to type your request would be nice.

Integration with more than HomeKit devices

The great thing about the Amazon Echo is that it works with lots of smart home kit without requiring them to be compatible with each other. HomeKit is a good idea, but it's not ideal if you've already invested in a smart thermostat or lighting which isn't HomeKit compatible since you can't use Siri to control it.

So in iOS 11, it would be great to see Siri opened up even further so it could become as useful - or even more useful - than Alexa.

iOS 11 wish list: Passwords

Touch ID lets you unlock your iPhone, buy apps and even bring up your saved passwords in Safari. But it could be used for so much more. We're always told to use different passwords for each account, but if you do that, you need a password manager to remember them.

If you could use Touch ID to log into any app which requires authentication, life would be so much easier. Certain apps already allow this - banking apps, for example - and we want to see more of it.

Taking things even further, iOS 11 could provide the option to 'lock' any app you like with Touch ID. This would be handy if you regularly hand your phone to your kids and want to stop them from buying things on Amazon or ebay, or to prevent them using apps which you don't want them to use.

iOS 11 wish list: VIP for all apps

When VIP mail was added a couple of years back it was a revelation. It meant you could disable notifications except for emails from your VIP contacts. Or, you could set a different alert tone for VIPs, so you know which emails are important and which aren't.

Similarly, you can add Favourite contacts and only allow calls from them when in Do Not Disturb mode. But it would be far better if Apple were to make those VIP / Favourite contacts apply in all stock apps, and allow developers to hook into that as well.

Currently, there's no VIP for Messages, so you get the same notification for every message. It would be brilliant if you got a different notification when your VIP contacts send you a message in any messenger app, tag you on Facebook or mention you on Twitter.

iOS 11 wish list: Dark Mode

This was widely expected to appear in iOS 10, but didn't. Apple did add Dark Mode to tvOS, but there is no way to switch to a dark theme for apps. This would be useful at night or when using your phone in subdued lighting.

The Apple Watch already uses a predominantely black interface, so it's not a huge stretch to think it would be something Apple could introduce in iOS 11. It would work in conjunction with Night Shift, which reduces blue light that stimulates the brain and in theory helps you get off to sleep better if you're using your phone just before bed.

What do you want to see added or changed in iOS 11? Let us know in the comments below.