How many IT services companies can boast of having their own Chief Creative Officer (CCO)?

Recently, at a roadshow in Singapore, Infor, a company that provides business application software introduced their CCO, Marc Scibelli, who is a winner of Pulitzer Prize for Information graphics.

Scibelli has oversight of Hook & Loop, Infor's creative design agency. Coming from a design background, Scibelli applies his design approach into the way Infor builds, markets and sells software.

A 17-year veteran of creative agencies, Scibelli has helped pioneer the "consumeristaion" of business software through a unique strategy partnering a creative agency with business software experts.

Based in Manhattan, New York, Scibelli leads a team of 80 design professionals, all of who come from outside of enterprise software background.

"The hope and dream is to develop a similar design team in Singapore for the Asia Pacific market," Scibelli told Computerworld Singapore. "We are in talks with Singapore Economic Development Board in this regard."

At Infor, Scibelli is part of the development team, and he has been involved in developing most of the applications at Infor.