The story "HP pairs Autonomy Idol with Trim records management," which ran on the wire Monday, misspelled the name of Dan Carmel.

The following corrections have been made to the story on the wire:

The second sentence of the second paragraph now reads:

"Due to ongoing concerns around security and government compliance, "organizations need to find a way to manage all their information, not just the 9 or 10 percent," said Dan Carmel, head of strategy and solutions for the enterprise content management group of HP's Autonomy.

The second sentence of the third paragraph now reads:

"We're leveraging assets across HP software and Autonomy to create a single unified approach to information governance," Carmel said.

And the second sentence of the fifth paragraph now reads:

If one of your policies determines that [a piece of] content is a record, you have the ability to move that content directly into a records management system for proper management," Carmel said.