Car maintenance and cycling retailer Halfords has deployed a new PC lifecycle management system to cover over 700 devices across two central offices.

Halfords is using LANDesk Management Suite 9.5 and LANDesk Patch Manager to manage its IT support centre environment, which includes over 720 devices across two offices.

Prior to LANDesk, Halfords had been using a competitor's older management system which made it difficult to configure new machines or install new software on existing devices. All changes required a complete takeover of the employee's device, and program and bespoke installation packages "were extremely time-consuming to implement", said Halfords.

On top of this the old system was out of support warranty, so Halfords was on its own to solve these challenges.

"Our department was wasting time on software installations and device configurations that we knew could be managed more efficiently," said Phil Bullock, senior technical analyst at Halfords. "We needed an intuitive one-console solution that could perform tasks quickly so that we could keep employees productive and focus our efforts on larger IT business needs."

When looking for a new management solution Halfords wanted one vendor to do it all, but it found that many companies offered several products with different functions. With LANDesk, said Halfords, it was able to combine all processes into one single touch point, increasing its control and eliminating the hassle of working across multiple software systems.

With the new system Halfords says it has seen a "significant improvement in time and cost savings across the business".

With the new management software it can easily install software upgrades and deploy patches as employees work remotely or even if a device is off, avoiding any disruptions to workflow.

By also using LANDesk Compliance Manager, Halfords also now has a better view of its inventory and can produce reports on any device at any time, ensuring that all software is completely up to date.

In the coming months Halfords will also begin another project with LANDesk to replace 300 desktops and laptops across the organisation in an effort to refresh PCs that are over five years old.