A location-based service that lets web and iPhone users find events restaurants along with vouchers and deals has been launched.

Geomium lets users discover where their friends are currently located, as well as lists of nearby restaurants, bars and events as well deals on food and drink thanks to a tie-in with Yelp, Qype and Eventful. All of these can either be viewed in a list format or on a map.

The service also offers a 'shouts' section which allows users to post recommendations or their thoughts in a style similar to micro-blogging service Twitter.

"Location-based services are the future of the mobile web and the fact we are able to offer ours in real time feels like we offer an alternative to Facebook Places, Foursquare and others in the market," said Michael Ferguson, founder and CEO of Geomium.

"Geomium isn't a game and there are no badges to be won, but in real time you can see all the restaurants within walking distance that have an offer on that evening. That feels more worthwhile and something people would be interested in."

Geomium also gives web users the ability to log-in directly or via their Facebook account to connect with their friends on the social network.

The service has initially been launched in London, however it will be rolled-out to other UK, European and US cities in the near future. The app can be downloaded now for free from the iTunes app store. Geonium also said it is working on apps from Nokia, BlackBerry and handsets running Google Android.

In a bid to quell privacy concerns surrounding location-based services, Geomium is opt-in rather than opt-out.

"We've made it as easy as possible for them to choose how and with whom they share their information. If anyone does not want to share any location details, they don't have to. While they would be missing out on some great features, they would still be able to see all the people, places, events and deals in their local area."

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