If you're serious about American art, then you're probably familiar with the Gee's Bend Quilters Collective. For six generations talented African American women in the rural community of Gee's Bend, Alabama, have been known for their unique style of quilting that draws from modern art as well as American quilting traditions. The Gee's Bend Quilts Windows 7 Theme celebrates these artists with six beautiful examples of their craft.

Mary Lee Bendolph's blue-toned work-clothes quilt was made of denim and cotton. That's followed by Creola B. Pettway's red-and-white "Housetop--Half-Log Cabin Variation." Irene Williams' bold "Blocks and Strips" was made of blue and red double-knit fabric. Qunnie Pettway created her "Bricklayer Variation" of red and white corduroy. In "Medallion" Loretta P. Bennett used colors similar to Williams' "Blocks and Strips," but with a very different effect. We close with something completely different--Sarah Mary Taylor's piecework and appliqué quilt "Hands," shown here.

The images of these quilts were provided by from Flickr member Libby Rosof under a Creative Commons license. She's done us all a great service by making these glorious artworks accessible. Please review the readme file included in the zipped download file for contact information and details on the quilts.

If you love abstract art and are interested in traditional American artforms, you should download the free Gee's Bend Quilts Windows 7 Theme.

Note: To install the Windows 7 theme, just unzip the archive file and double-click the themepack within. Windows does the rest.