A new version of Family Tree Maker for Mac now comes with Ancestry TreeSync.

Lagging slightly behind the Windows version Family Tree Maker for Mac has now been announced, with maker Ancestry offering up to 30 percent off for a limited period.

Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 with TreeSync is the update to Family Tree Maker for Mac, reviewed here.

The latest Mac version of the genealogical software allows family historians to update their trees online from their Mac, iPhone or iPad.

With TreeSync users can now click to sync so the tree is always up-to-date, no matter where it is next accessed.

Ancestry is offering a 30 percent discount off the usual £61.27 to £42.89 for Family Tree Maker for Mac 2. In the US the discount is 25 percent from $69.99 to $52.49.

New features (including some Mac only) include:

• Capture photos using your iSight or built-in camera and import them directly into Family Tree Maker. If you’re using OS X Lion, you can take advantage of the new full-screen capability – with one click fill your entire desktop with the Family Tree Maker workspace.
• Easy-to-understand Combined Family View – The family group view has a new “blended families” option that lets you display all of a couple’s children in one location. An icon next to a child’s name lets you see at a glance whether he or she is the child of the father, the mother, or both parents.
• More Ancestry Integration – Now you can find out which members are searching for your ancestors by viewing Ancestry's Member Connect activity in the expanded Web Dashboard. You’ll also see links to message boards and notification of your new Ancestry messages.
• Enhanced Performance – Now you can choose the type of Internet connection you’re using, which allows Family Tree Maker to tailor how it downloads information from the Web. Uploading and downloading speeds have been improved, claims Ancestry, and there is an increased ability to upload large files to Ancestry.
• New Image Collection – Create family trees and reports with a variety of new backgrounds and images.

Family Tree Maker 2 for Mac requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later (including OS X 10.7 Lion) and an Intel-based Mac.