The popular genealogy software program Family Tree Maker from Ancestry has been updated, for Windows. Family Tree Maker 2012 has been upgraded to work better with PCs and mobile devices such as laptops, iPhones and the Apple iPad.

Family Tree Maker 2012 for Mac is “coming soon”, says Ancestry, but no release date was given for this version. The Family Tree Maker 2012 release date is thought to be October 14, for the Windows version.

Ancestry says the new version features a new function called TreeSync, which allows users to easily update their tree online from desktop, laptop, iPhone or iPad – and “then simply click to sync so your tree is always up-to-date, no matter where you or your loved ones access it next”.

Other new features include:

Blended family view – shows combined families, including step-families and adoptees, at a glance    

Ancestry Family Tree Maker 2012

• Improved Smart Stories – gives you new tools for adding and editing your family's details

• Chart personalization – lets you personalise charts by adding text and displaying generation labels such as parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents

• Index of individuals report – lists every person in your tree, plus their birth, marriage, and death dates

• Customised fact sentences – lets you change the wording and choose what details are included in sentences that are automatically created for reports and Smart Stories

• Descendant charts between two people – makes it easy to choose two people in your tree and create a descendant chart that shows their relationship

Ancestry is offering Family Tree Maker 2012 Platinum Edition before it goes on sale to the general public at a special price of £19.99 until 14th October. Offer is open to UK residents only.