Express Data has placed its first Microsoft Office 365 order as part of a Hybrid solution for partner Professional Advantage.

Express Data is Microsoft's only hybrid distributor providing Microsoft Open, ISV Licensing, and Services Provider License Agreements (SPLAs).

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According to a company statement, there has been great interest in Express Data's go-to-market Office 365 offering with high attendance at the company's recent Breakfast series hosted in each capital city.

"We are thrilled to place our first order for Office 365 and have the Open 365 distribution channel established," the company statement said.

Professional Advantage sales manager, Andrew Mackenzie, said the new arrangement of Office 365 via Open enabled his company to manage its clients' complete Microsoft Hybrid solution.

Express Data Cloud manager, Pia Broadley, said she was pleased to be able to take the Office 365 solution to market today, to round out Express Data's hybrid Microsoft Cloud offering.

"Adding Office 365 to our existing portfolio enables our partners to determine the best route to market that suits both their business structure and their end user's needs," she said.

Dicker Data completed its $65.5 million acquisition of Express Data on April 1.