PopChar X ( Macworld rated 5 out of 5 mice )the longrunning and well-reviewed application from Ergonis Software for help typing unusual charactersscored a bump to version six on Monday. As always, the app lets users (especially designers of multilingual or technical documents) locate glyphs like trademark symbols or the pounds sterling sign, and choose from different versions of those symbols to best match the font of the surrounding text.

The updated version of the software makes it easier to do that matchingPopChar now features a font preview that lets users see a character shown in various fonts and sizes; it also includes a customizable sample text feature to see how the selected glyphs will look in context, rather than going through a cumbersome choose-then-undo process before hitting on the right font for the character. PopChar also now features new keyboard shortcuts for power users.

PopChar X 6.0 requires OS X 10.5.8 or later, and is compatible with Apples new Mountain Lion operating system. The Austrian companys website lists the softwares price only in euros, not dollarsa single license for the app is ¬30 (about $38 at todays rates), and a family pack that allows use on up to five computers costs ¬45; existing users of PopChar can upgrade for ¬15.