Dell has launched a virtualised version of Mozilla's Firefox web browser, which is designed to keep PC users safe when surfing the web.

The Dell Kace Secure Browser, which has been developed in conjunction with system management appliance firm Kace, isolates any malicious files inadvertently downloaded when surfing the web and keeps them within the browser, ensuring they can't attack the OS.

The browser, which is based on version 3.6 of Firefox, comes with Adobe Reader and Flash plug-ins, as well as the ability to create 'white' and 'black' lists of the processes that may be started during web surfing as well as the sites that can be visited.

"Limiting browser use to specific sites can control usage and protect from cross-site scripting attacks. By specifying which sites are to be blocked, it makes it easy to keep users away from known bad sites, and thereby limit their exposure to attacks," Dell said.

"In controlling what processes may be started, the browser will not run programs or plug-ins without permission to do so, which allows for the prevention of many attacks before they can even be initiated."

The browser also features a reset button that will return the browser to its original site should any malware be encountered.

The Dell Kace Secure Browser can be downloaded from Dell's dedicated web page and will run on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 PCs. A virtualised version of Internet Explorer is expected to be released later in the year.

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