Citrix has unveiled GoToWebcast in North America and Europe, providing users with a "low-cost", self-service webcasting tool for up to 5,000 attendees.

A subscription-based webcasting tool, GoToWebcast allows users to broadcast unlimited audio and video presentations to live and on-demand audiences. Attendees can view webcasts from a PC or mobile device, giving speakers the flexibility to reach audiences irrespective of time or location.

Citrix has also released a beta version of GoToWebinar with HDFaces supporting its 500- and 1,000-attendee plans. The move builds on the recently announced availability of HDFaces for up to 100 participants in GoToWebinar and GoToTraining sessions.

HDFaces for GoToWebinar and GoToTraining delivers the same high-definition video capabilities already found in GoToMeeting."Audiences are becoming increasingly dispersed as a result of mobile workstyles," said Bernardo de Albergaria, Citrix general manager of SaaS products and markets. "It's becoming ever-more important for organisations to find new and engaging ways to connect with a geographically-distributed audiences.

GoToWebcast launches with a simple five-step webcast wizard, said Citrix. Users can choose to broadcast in audio or video, upload presentation documents, share streaming audio or video clips during the event, conduct polls and link to different social media channels.

For a monthly fixed fee users can host unlimited events and reach attendees anywhere on any device without having to download any software.