A Cambridge teenager has won a global competition in Microsoft Excel skills.

Rebecca Rickwood, who is 15, beat 78 finalists in the Excel 2007 category at the 2011 Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office, which took place in California this week.

All of the finalists had to complete tests to demonstrate their ability to use the Microsoft program to create spreadsheets.

"It's amazing. I didn't think I'd win it," she told The Telegraph.

"First we had to take a qualifying exam which I took back in about October. Then at the end of June we got the phone call saying I'd got the best score in the UK so I was coming to San Diego for the world championships."

Rickwood, who received a $5,000 prize, is currently studying for her GCSEs at Sawtry Community College, which offers extra-curricula lessons in Microsoft software. Her mother is also a Microsoft trainer at the school

"There's a lot of Asians here and usually they're the ones who get all the top prizes, so I didn't think that I would" she said.