Amazon's app store for Android appears to be accessible to some Brits along with Australian, Indian and Netherlands-based web users.

The Amazon app store was launched in March in the US and is designed to rival Google's Android Market but offering software that can be installed on any device running Google Android

Amazon also allows developers to submit apps for sale in the store, although developers must go through an approval process first that sees Amazon testing apps to verify they work as outlined in the product description and to make sure they don't impair the functionality of the smartphone or put customer data at risk once installed.

Amazon has remained tight-lipped on whether the store has been rolled-out in other countries, and has yet to respond to PC Advisor's request for comment on the issue. However, The Digital Reader says a number of web users have reported they have been able to access the store and purchase apps. However, when we tried to log in to the store, we were advised it was only available to US users.

Fusion Garage Grid-10 tablet To date, the only tablet we know of that is set to launch in the UK with Amazon appstore installed is the Fusion Garage Grid-10. The Grid-10 is broadly based on Android, but has its own Grid OS. The 10in-screen tablet goes onsale in the US from October, with UK sales starting on 24 October. 

Earlier this year, Apple accused the e-tailer of infringing its rights to the name 'App store' and asked a US court for an injunction prohibiting Amazon from using the name, claiming it would "confuse and mislead customers", as well as unspecified damages. However, in July the tech giant lost the legal bid.