Google may be ubiquitous, but that doesn't mean you have to do everything Google's way. Customize and improve on the giant's email, apps, searches, and more with these free and affordable add-ons and utilities.

We're sure that, like everyone else on the web, you use at least one of Google's many services, whether its Gmail, Google Docs or even its web browser Chrome.

And like plenty of other people, you probably have wished that these services could do even more, or that you could make them run exactly the way you wanted.

Your wish is our command. We've rounded up some great downloads that give you power over Google. You'll be able to tweak Gmail in different ways, get Outlook and various Google services to work well together and plenty more. And all except CompanionLink are free.

Google Downloads: Use thumbnails in Google searches

Google may be a superb search tool, but it fails to give you one important feature: the ability to see thumbnails of all your search results at a glance, so that you can quickly decide which are most relevant. With SearchPreview for Google, you can do just that. Install this free Chrome extension, and whenever you do a search, you'll see thumbnails of every search result.

Note that SearchPreview works well with Google's built-in preview, which lets you hover your mouse over the search icon to the right of a search result to see a thumbnail of the page. But Google's built-in tool doesn't show you all thumbnails at once, as SearchPreview does.

Google Downloads: Manage your Netflix queue inside chrome

US users tired of having to visit Netflix constantly to request new movies or rejig the queue, have a simpler way. Install the free Netflix Queue Chrome extension. From the Chrome toolbar, you can add DVDs to a queue, reorder the queue, see what DVDs are at home - in fact, just about anything that can be done from inside Netflix.

Google Downloads: Extend Android

Your smartphone these days is an extension of your computer. But what happens when you find a website or page on your PC that you'd like to visit on your phone later? Ordinarily you have to go through the laborious process of copying the location to an email message, sending that message to yourself, opening it on your phone, and then visiting the site on your phone's browser.

Instead, use the free Chrome to Phone Chrome extension. When you're in Chrome on your PC and you find a site worth visiting on your phone, just unleash the extension; it will send the URL to your Android browser. You'll need Android version 2.2 or better on your phone, and you'll have to install the Chrome to Phone app on it as well.

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