Most of us have learned to love Google's benign rule over the world of online applications, but Google products may not always be the best options. Here are our pick of the 10 best web-hosted utilities and sites that let you live it large online.


Yahoo Mail beta: Yahoo's "classic" webmail provides standard contact, calendar and spam-filtering features in a utilitarian interface.

But click on the link for the new beta version, and you'll be treated to an updated interface that organises the same options on screen more efficiently, leaving room for lots of advertising. Banishing ads costs a few quid per year.

Yhoo Mail

The Yahoo Mail beta is a significant upgrade

Windows Live Hotmail: Microsoft's web-hosted mail service replicates Outlook's traditional interface, with features such as folders, spam filtering, contact management, mailing-list-like contact groups, and a calendar. Find out more about Windows Live Mail here.

Although it lacks some Gmail innovations, including labels and the ability to grab and consolidate mail from other POP accounts, Windows Live Hotmail works well, integrates with other Windows Live services and at the time of writing offers 5GB of storage. And it's free.

Windows Live Hotmail

Like Outlook on the web, Microsoft's Windows Live Hotmail is an excellent free webmail service