MoreFrom group, owner of, today announced its social shopping concept; a simple and free way for all web users to have their own web store, and earn money from recommending and reviewing products.

Using the mantra 'personalise, promote and earn', enables online retailers to let their customers set up a personalised version of their websites, in minutes and for free. Among other things users can add a photo, and choose a colour scheme and a name for their personalised web shop site.

The 'From.Me-er' then uses their personalised site to promote, recommend and review products. They can sharelinks to products and reviews on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, and when their friends make purchases at their stores, the makes commission they can spend in the parent e-tailer's shop.

In essence, the markets products, in return for commission. can even set the price, up to 25 percent above the parent shop's list price. If they sell at the original price they earn 1 percent commission, and then they earn half the differential up to 13.5 percent of the total transaction amount. The parent online retailer is the vendor of record for the transaction, and this is clearly marked on each site, so any complaints can be passed on the established e-store.

"This is just the beginning of the From.Me idea, we have many more customisable features already being developed. It's created 'Me Commerce'. A network full of genuine customer opinions, other customers can trust, that are delivered in a highly personal way," saidBrian Trevaskiss Head of Marketing at MoreFrom.

"MoreFrom.Me takes the whole concept of Social Shopping and makes it a reality," he added,

Chris Wheater, MD of MoreFrom group, said: "We were looking for a way to reward our customers, especially those helping other shoppers and helping us promote our site. The From.Me concept became the answer.

"It's easy for our customers to do, costs them nothing and they earn credit for doing something they were already doing."

Right now is available only from, at the website. But MoreFrom hopes that other retailers in product areas other than technology will partner with them to take up the concept.

"The From.Me concept would be attractive to a wide range of retailers," said Wheater.

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