I know that there's so much news out there these days that getting your brand in the spotlight is getting ever harder, but some PRs try just a little too hard.

Here's a press release I got just now from Lexmark – the printer company that used to be part of IBM.

Apparently, British workers take an average 3.4 days to wind down from work while on their summer holidays. The total summer holiday time ‘lost’ to workplace worrying amounts to around 68 million days, says the press release.

Lexmark went to the bother of hiring research company Ipsos MORI to find that 83 per cent of the 941 UK workers questioned take anywhere between one (31 per cent) and seven days (five per cent) to relax into their summer holidays. One per cent of people admit that they never totally wind down.

How should we wind down and relax?

You guessed it…

To help relieve stress, we need to maximise our efficiency "by creating a more productive home office to get through those extra hours worked and last minute projects that usually precede holidays".

But how???

"Lexmark recently announced a new line of wireless All-in-One printers to do just that. Being more productive in your home office starts with going wireless – which allows you to work and print from the location in your home where you do your best work. Also, with the added functionality found in All-in-Ones, users can print scan and copy with only one device."

That's that solved then! Get a wireless printer, and you can start your holiday stress free. I feel relaxed already.