Back in June, it was reported that THQ was shuttering Homefront developer Kaos and the UK-based Digital Warrington studio behind the Juiced franchise was also set to close its doors.

Today, Develop reports, the consultancy period for the studio is up, and THQ has decided to shutter the UK studio permanently. 36 members of staff will be laid off immediately, while 10 will stay on to port Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team -- which hits Xbox Live Arcade today -- to PSN.

Out of the ashes of the studio comes three new start-ups, though -- two development studios and one concept team. The remaining staff have reportedly been offered contract work by Sony and Evolution, while studio founder Colin Bell is taking a break from the industry and doesn't appear to bear any ill-will towards THQ.

"THQ have done all they can through the consultancy period and have treated staff with respect," he said to Develop today.

The news of the studio's closure lends further fuel to UK trade industry TIGA's theory that the UK games industry is suffering a "brain drain". As global publishers shutter UK developers, individual staffers jump ship to countries with more appealing prospects and benefits such as Canada.

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