In the early 70s, there was a famous photo of hellraising Who drummer Keith Moon outside a Californian hotel room standing next to an oversized fire alarm with the signage "In case of Keith Moon break glass".

Now, it seems, there's a need for an "in the event of an Amy Winehouse" business continuity plan.

If you were the manager of the Hawley Arms, the HQ of the Camden Caners, that annoying clique of British film and music stars that seem to be on one permanent drink and drugs binge, the last thing on your mind would be putting in place a contingency plan if your gaff got burnt to the ground.

Let’s face it, protecting the place from Amy "don’t make me go to rehab" Winehouse and Pete "I’m famous for being Mr Kate Moss" Doherty trashing the place during a 24-hour drug binge, is probably going to be higher up your list, than a regular run-of-the-mill fire.

And it seems the Hawley Arms isn’t alone. According to research by BT Business, small companies think their biggest threat to business continuity isn’t a fire or flood even but an IT and communications system shut down, with 45 percent of the small businesses surveyed saying they had experienced an incident that affected them for more than a couple of hours.

Despite this however, only half of the companies had a business continuity plan that would ensure they could continue functioning after (and ideally, during) an incident. And the vast majority of the plans involved a DIY approach.

BT Business believes the research serves as an indication that small businesses are not giving business continuity planning the priority that they should.

The research also highlighted one in three small businesses think there would be no cost to their business if they were put out of action because of a disaster, while one in ten estimate it might cost them up to £5,000. In fact, government figures predict the real cost is likely to be between £8,000 and £17,000.

BT has released Understanding how to use IT and Communication Technology to Stay in Business every day - a free guide on business continuity planning that small businesses can download at

Now that just leaves someone to warn the manager of the Camden Caner’s latest hangout.

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