As a new decade approaches, reflecting on the past 10 years brings memories of doom and gloom, from the dot-com bust to the recession. However, despite this, technology has continued to thrive and had a positive impact on business. We've picked out five technologies that certainly flourished during the noughties.

As we approach the start of a new decade, its time to reflect back over the past 10 years.

Sadly, this hasn't been the best decade all-in-all. From the dot-com bust to terrorist attacks and finally the recession, the noughties hasn't been an easy ride.

Yet somehow technology has kept moving and at a quick pace too. In business, the shift from client-server to web, from proprietary and expensive to open and commoditised, was stunning in its swiftness.

The impact on IT was a little more chaotic than we might have liked, but plummeting costs had the effect of driving technology into every corner of the enterprise.

Looking back on the '00s, I found it pretty easy to pick the five technologies I thought had the greatest impact on business.

Remember, these weren't invented during the decade, but all of them most certainly came into their own in the '00s:

1. Linux

If you were going to name the '00s after any single technology, you might as well call it the Linux decade.

The first Linux kernel was released in 1991, but mainstream enterprise adoption of Linux was decidedly a '00s thing.

Not only did Linux open up a whole new role for x86 hardware, it changed the economics and development model of the software business forever.

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2. XML

First recommended to the W3C in 1998, XML didn't really get rolling until 2002 or so.

Today XML is the universal standard for document and data exchange, enabling everything from enterprise application integration to RSS.

Every major commercial DBMS now claims 'native XML' capability. The degree to which different business systems can exchange data smoothly may be pathetic compared to what it should be in 2009, but XML gets much of the credit for the inroads we've made so far.

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